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Kacey's Nog- Where a Novel meets a Blog
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

An Ode to Twinkies

I actually wrote this in January of 2009- but felt like sharing it tonight. I feel like I've gone through a lot of losses lately, and back in January of last year I learned that Twinkies were made with an ingredient that I've banned from my diet for both personal and health reasons.

Here is my Ode: (It starts out with a little introduction- this was posted on an online forum for "chefs" that I belong to)

I just found out that Twinkies are evil, and I cannot eat them anymore. Because I have recently fallen in love with the mini-twinkies that come in a 100 calorie snack pack, I was very sad to learn that they are basically one molecule away from being a plastic.

I decided to put my feelings down in black and white in hopes to work through my grief, and I wanted to share it with all of you.

Ode to Twinkies- by Kacey~

Twinkies, Twinkies, spongy cake,
Life without you makes my heart break.

Your creamy center is so delicious,
How can you NOT be more nutritious?

In all your golden sponge-cake splendor,
Your trans-fats do a plastic render

You clog our veins with edible sludge
Healthier than you is a pound of fudge!

I fell in love with you at first bite,
But my doctor says eating you isn't right.

Hydrogenated oils are not my friend,
So my relationship with you is near its end.

I will delight in your spongy goodness one more time,
And think fondly upon the fact that you once were mine.



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