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Kacey's Nog- Where a Novel meets a Blog
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

An Ode to Cilantro

Anyone that knows me fairly well, knows that I cannot stand cilantro. I can handle it in small doses, as in two leaves per quart of Salsa...but for some reason, that herb and I are not compatible. I also don't like dill or capers, but so far I've not written any poems or prose pertaining to those items.

I wrote this Ode in March of 2008 on or around the time that the Next Food Network Star reality show was airing.  I understand that generally an ode is a praise of something or someone, however "The Slamming of Cilantro" didn't sound right, so its an ode- a very loose ode. :)

Enjoy my Ode...and have a good night. :)

Cilantro, Cilantro so green and so leafy
To others you look like a cousin of Parsley

Your taste is so strong
Like pot in a bong
And I've tried really hard to like you...

I went to Chipotle
Because it is Friday
And ordered a chicken burrito-

With cilantro lime rice and little black beans
Your flavor is truly not what it seems

I dissected my meal
and I thought "what's the deal?"

And was saddened by what I discovered.

So many flecks of your green leafiness
Had invaded my Mexican supper.

So I picked and I tossed every green piece I saw
so my burrito is now without flaw.

One final note, which I feel I must make

Oh, why can't you just taste like CAKE!?!?! 

Okay, I'm officially signing out for the evening. I think I've done enough creative works for the day.

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