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Kacey's Nog- Where a Novel meets a Blog
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ninja Granny's and the YMCA...

Well, I just got back from my first water aerobics therapy class at the YMCA.  I only cried 3 times, but I think only the instructor noticed. I was the youngest by about 25 years, and the slowest by far. To the inventor of truly waterproof mascara- I salute you. To the doctor that felt doing this without pain medication of any type was a good idea- Be happy I don't believe in Voodoo Retribution any more...

So, my experience at the YMCA today had to be Nogged about, and I felt it should be done with a song. Yes, I wrote a song about what water aerobics with the grandma's was like.   It must be sung to the tune of "Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer". I'm sorry- but the other tune I had in my head was the Star Spangled Banner, and I had a heck of a time coming up with the right words to that tune...

Please enjoy my interpretive song of my perception of my experience at the "Y" today.

I just got run over by some grannies,
In the pool at my YMCA
They cruised past me faster than a cheetah
I almost drowned, but now think I'm OK.

These grannies look completely harmless,
But under flowered bathing suits I know-
That they're really water ninjas
And to kill me will only take just one quick blow!

If you find me floating in the deep end
It's cause I moved too slowly for dear Maude
Water Aerobics training isn't easy,
These grannies are out to get me, Help me God!
Don't let the smiles fool you...I'm telling you- they are cold hearted, speed water demons with dentures!


  1. Very funny! My trainer is being nice to me right now. Good thing! ;)

  2. Actually, there were two really sweet women there. I don't remember their names. They were looking out for me, and telling me to hang in there, and watch out for the grates on the bottom of the pool...

    I just had to write a song cause it helps with the pain. :)

  3. LOL! Hmmm...I think I am one of those grannies... I have a flowered bathing suit...but no bathing cap. I don't knock anyone down yet either! HUGS! If you were in my Poolates Class, I would help you!

  4. Poolates? How clever is that? Love it! The ladies really weren't that bad. Out of the 20 of us, two were really nice and spoke to me, the others just seemed annoyed by my lack of speed and abilities... just wait- Jedi powers aren't grown over night. LOL...

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