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Kacey's Nog- Where a Novel meets a Blog
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I've lost it!

Two pounds that is. I haven't lost my mind-yet. I'm actually pretty excited because normally when I start working out I gain weight because I've been blessed with the ability to build muscle pretty quickly.

I have decided that I'm certainly not going to go looking for these two pounds. No search and rescue team for me. They can stay lost.  I won't feel bad if they are scared, cold or hungry- no siree Bob!

Do you ever wonder why people say No Siree, Bob?  Why Bob? I've often wondered who decided Bob was the best name for that phrase.  Personally, I like No Siree, Chuck.  That has a nice ring to it, wouldn't you say? 

I wonder if people named Bob don't care for that phrase. I'll have to ask the next time I run across someone with the name, Bob.

So back to my weight loss extravaganza- The Stud Muffin (aka- my husband) and I have started biking every other day. We walk the dogs daily, and then add about a 3 mile bike ride to the mix every other day.  I'm still wheezing and gasping like an asthmatic 4 minutes into the ride, but today I only had to stop once, and that's an improvement by about 4 stops! :)

I cannot believe how much the muscles in my lower body BURN from biking. I don't remember such pain when I was 10, 12, or 16, or 19- just not fair.  Growing older does have its perks, but the pain in doing simple things like biking, or simple yard work, or cleaning- just not fair.  I was supposed to have children by now to help with these painful activities.

I'm excited to see what the next few weeks bring as I bike to strengthen my legs, and my back so that I'll be able to handle the physical demands of Cosmetology School.  Between my snazzy Shape-Ups by Sketchers and my snazzy bike by Schwinn, I should be looking sassy and foxy in no time! :)

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  1. Wooo hooo! Congratulations! I'm sure you look spiffy as you whittle away those unwanted pounds.