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Kacey's Nog- Where a Novel meets a Blog
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Friday, May 14, 2010

Why I love men- generaly speaking. No, I'm not a jezabel, so cool it people.

I love men.  No, not in the sexual sense, like I must have every guy that has two legs and a set of man berries, but I think God designed quite the winning creature when he created guys.  Now I understand fully that there are real jerks out there, and some are down right evil, but those hurting people were hurt by hurting people, and they did not follow the design that God laid out when he made men, but I'm not going to focus on them, or it will make me want to hunt down an ex-fiance and throttle him until he pays me the $7500 he owes me when he canceled our engagement and wedding 9 months before the big day.. but I digress.  So, back to this man thing. Let's think about it for a minute...
  • They kill bugs we are too chicken to even look at, and they don't even blink about it or tease us
  • They can fix almost anything...unless they are one of those new spangled metro boys, and they are just good at fixing up a nice outfit and being hip...
  • They have a desire to provide and would do anything for their family/wife
  • They don't have to spend hours in the bathroom to look hot
  • They have manly muscles- (yum-o!)
  • They like to do things like mow the lawn, tinker in the garage, (leaving you with full control over the remote for a while :)  )
  • They are strong- both physically and mentally
  • They are gentle
  • They clean up the dog poop...
  • Some that aren't gifted in the kitchen try REALLY hard to cook for you from time to time.
  • They are logical- which at times drives me nuts, but thankfully God gave me a pretty high dose of creative logic, so their logic doesn't drive me as batty as it could, it makes me appreciate them more.
  • They like to sleep on things before they react-they can control their emotions until it is the right time to use or display them. Yes, sometimes they won't even cry if they accidentally lop off their hand with a chain saw while doing simple yard work, but hey- some men are psychotically macho that way...
  • They are smart
  • They can make a fig leaf  a fashion statement...
  • They can invent amazing things
  • They have two brains
  • They can analyze and come to a solution to a problem
  • They work hard, and rarely complain about the jerks they have to work with or for- they just work to provide for us.
  • They look cool on motorcycles
  • They've been given the job to be head of the household and love their wives as the Lord loved the church and to Love God... that's not an easy job, ,yet many men do it.
I could go on and on, but I'll stop there.  Yes, it's true that most of them forget your birthday, or your anniversary, but that's only because they spend every 7 seconds thinking about your breasts or your toosh- I mean, come on ladies, if we thought about Brad Pitt every 7 seconds, we wouldn't remember much else either, nor would we get any work done. We'd probably be hornier, but I digress... wait- this NOG was supposed to be more God oriented, and so far I'm doing a terrible job. Tonight I'll blame it on the massive headache and the heartburn I've had for 4 days that will not go away with generic OTC "Prilosec".

Okay, so back to men- strong, caring, providers, lovers, goofballs, boys at heart, fun, smart, inventive, good with their kids, leaders, builders, sacrificing, cute, hunky, furry, warm. Yep, God did an amazing thing making men, and I believe to an extent that in America most women, not all, but most have done an amazing job of reducing them to bumbling, spineless idiots. I see more women driving cars with hubby's in the passenger's seat, more women demanding to be in control of the household, more women demanding their way is better, and that their husband's are idiots, more women demeaning, belittling, tearing down and destroying our men to the point where we have a government run by actual idiot men, and households full of disrespectful children... And then our schools are trying to turn our young boys into, well, not men, and their turning our girls into... well- not girls, but almost gender reversal.  Satan is doing a great job of deceiving women that we are better than men instead of us following God's plan of being their partner, their helpmate, their cheerleader, their friend, their encourager, their sounding board...

Who are we to question or mess with what God created and how He designed our roles?

When was the last time you sat back and focused/perpended on all the things that made you fall in love with your man to begin with, instead of focusing on the fact that he leaves the cap off the toothpaste, doesn't put the toilet paper in the holder the right way, and leaves his socks on the floor of the bedroom and doesn't put the toilet seat down, farts in bed and then pulls the covers over your head? And when you send him to the store for one thing, he brings home a different version, because God didn't wire him to shop, you treat him like a total loser- it has been scientifically proven that a mans brain goes into overload in grocery stores, and they turn into lost, confused, overwhelmed puppies- who can't seem to find the jug of 2% milk that they've been drinking for 40 years...so go easy on him  the next time you send him for mayo and he brings home miracle whip. In his head it's all the same. Be happy he didn't come home with Jelly instead...

My point is that it is so easy to focus on the annoyances, that we forget the great things about men (which Satan wants) and our  man that God gifted us with, that we tear them down, and don't honor them as we should.  Over the next few days, spend 5-10 minutes either listing on paper or focusing in your mind as many things as you can (this may be hard at first if you've wrongly been wearing the pants in the family) about your man that made you love him way back when you first met him and started to date. Focus on the little things he does, celebrate the things he fixes, remembers, provides for you- Thank him not only for being a great man, but for loving God and loving you, And, if he doesn't know or love God, buy the book  The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie O'Martian. I prayed every prayer in that book for 3 years... and now my husband is being transformed by the Holy Spirit in ways I never dreamed possible. Not that he wasn't great before, but he's super great, now...

So, thank you God,  for my wonderful husband. Yes, there are times I'd like to glue the remote to his hand so that his A.D.D tendencies didn't make him open and close the back making this annoying clicking noise every 5 seconds, and yes there are times I'd like to choke him, punch him, slug him... but when all is said and done, he's amazing. He's so smart, has this goofy laugh that makes me smile EVERY time I hear it, he's a natural leader, a "clock maker": he can make almost anything work, and fix almost anything. I can give him a drawing of something I want, and he can build it.  He is good with car repairs, still has a nice butt, he loves me, he's my friend, and recently he went the extra mile and made a sacrifice to work with me to get through this journey of healing my back from this at times debilitating injury that I suffer from.

He's actually taking time away from his "job" (I say that because we both recently lost our jobs, and his job is volunteering for an amazing ministry, but for now, there is no pay- so I don't call it a job- even though it is, it's not a paying one). Anyway, he is taking time away from there to walk along side me on this journey- go with me to the YMCA for my granny water aerobics, and to the PT clinic as I work on the medieval torture machines, and walk with me as I rebuild my muscles and my strength.  He's never done anything that selfless for me, and my heart melts at how amazing he's become as he lets the Lord guide him, and how amazing God is for not only creating him (and man), but for gifting him to me. He is going to sacrifice along with me during my painful journey to recovery. That one action alone, melted my heart and I was so thankful for his love towards me. 

So, thank your man, ladies, and focus on the good. You'd be amazed at how more love, joy, fun and harmony you'd have in your lives if you started to focus on what an amazing gift you do have, instead of nitpicking to death all the little things that in the grand scheme of life don't mean squat.  So go ahead..."thank" your man today...and maybe even tomorrow if you can find a sitter.  ;)

Blessings to you all,

PS- The picture is of my Stud Muffin, with our grandson, Noah. 


  1. I think you should seek out the ex-fiance so you can give him a big hug, thank him, and let him know it was definitely worth $7500 to be well rid of him. After all, if you were stuck with that jerk, you wouldn't now be rejoicing in your marriage to TSM.

    My problem with sending TFG to the store isn't so much he comes back with the wrong brand of an item, but that he's sent for ONE THING, and comes back with 3 or 4 bags full, mostly stuff we don't need. But, overall, I agree, men are useful creatures to have around. I'm certainly not without my (many, many) faults and foibles. Plus, it is nice to have someone to get rid of those nasty spiders.

  2. Sarah, are the bags full of yummy snacks? If so- then he's done well...oh good and faithful snackfood servant. ;)

    I send mine to the store so that we CAN stick to the list... :) He's really good at it. What few things he cannot find, he'll call me, and I'll tell him where they are, what shelf level, and right, middle or left of something. Yes, I'm that much of a dork that I know what flavor of beans is next to the Original flavor of Bushes baked beans. To the left it is Country Style, and to the right is Homestyle... :)

  3. I agree. Men are amazing. Our society doesn't give them enough credit or the opportunity to be their amazing selves.

    Oh, and don't worry if you see me driving while The Furry Guy is in the passenger seat. He hates to drive, and I love it. When he acts as the navigator it's the perfect division of labor for us.